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Review the six aspects of your life that make up your wellbeing:


Physical health

This area includes physical activity, maintaining proper sleep levels, healthy diet, eating habits, and monitoring one's health.


Mental health

This area includes activities focused on regulating stress, improving sense of security, balancing work and personal life, and regeneration.


Inner peace

This area presuposes acting in accordance with beliefs and values, fulfilling oneself by pursuing passions, achieving a sense of life's meaning, spiritual growth and lack of stagnation in daily life.


Comfort of life

An area focusing on financial independence, adequate housing supporting one's regeneration, finding balance in a world of nanosecond culture, and a sense of security in a world of economic and political crisis.


Relations with others

An area concerning interaction and relationship-building with people. It includes the issue of feelings of detachment and satisfaction with the relationships, pressure on meeting the expectations of others, and feelings of uprooting and cultural belonging affecting identity formation.


Contact with nature

An area concerning relations with the natural environment. It covers the issues of the impact of dynamic technological change, climate anxiety, the feeling of helplessness in the face of climate change, as well as the impact of nature on human well-being.

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It cannot be claimed that mental health is more important than physical health, or vice versa. The same applies to diet and exercise. Today, we understand that one is closely related to the other.

Joanna Wojsiat, PhD
PhD in biological sciences

When you prioritize your wellbeing during challenging times, you enhance your resilience. This means that you become more resistant and better equipped to handle the challenges you encounter.

Marta Niedźwiecka
Psychologist and sex coach

Nearly 50% of Poles take good or very good care of their mental health.

“Wellbeing in the Polish population” – report prepared by for Benefit Systems, 2024.
More than 50% of Poles neglect their relationships with others severely or very severely.
Only 13.4% of Poles have good or very good contact with nature.
As many as 50% of Poles experience poor or very poor comfort in life.
Single people typically have lower-than-average wellbeing levels (4.0 vs 4.9).

Why are we providing the wellbeing survey to everyone free of charge?

At Benefit Systems, we support Poles as they pursue a more enriching and fulfilling life.
The first step on this journey is understanding your current situation. That’s why we’re offering you a free tool to examine your wellbeing across all its aspects.
What benefits will you gain by completing the wellbeing survey?
list-style You’ll discover your overall wellbeing level and receive detailed results for each of the six areas assessed.
list-style You’ll receive expert tips on how to maintain or enhance your wellbeing in each of the six areas examined.
list-style You can take the survey again after some time to see what has changed in your life.
list-style You’ll compare your score with the average results in the population.
list-style You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your needs.
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There are certain elements that can support wellbeing and its development over time. These are the types of skills that you can cultivate throughout your life. Wellbeing is not a skill that is developed once and for all.
Joanna Gutral, PhD
Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoeducator

What was the process behind the development of the wellbeing survey?

We asked Poles to define what “wellbeing” meant to them. Using the gathered data, we developed a Wellbeing Score index which is applicable across various contexts.

Our tool was developed in collaboration with under the supervision of Natalia Hatalska is a research institute focused on identifying current trends and analyzing their implications for the economy and society. It was founded by Natalia Hatalska, one of the most recognized experts in trend analysis and forecasting.

Personalized recommendations were prepared by experts across different domain to create a holistic picture of your wellbeing.


Discover further insights into the wellbeing of Poles

Download the “Wellbeing in the Polish population” report prepared by for Benefit Systems


Get to know yourself and embark on the journey toward a happier life

At Benefit Systems, we address individual employee needs, offering solutions ranging from the iconic MultiSport card to the MyBenefit cafeteria platform. MultiLife serves as a hub of services supporting you on your way to a happier life.

At its core is the Wellbeing Score, a diagnostic tool designed to assess an individual’s specific requirements.

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